91 07/01/99: Availability of Autobox 5.0 Thursday, 01 July 1999
92 05/03/99: Availability of Autobox as a DLL Monday, 03 May 1999
93 10/8/98: AFS forged a Partnership with i2 Technologies Thursday, 08 October 1998
94 06/17/98: Used in Paper International Forum on Tourism Statistics "A LEADING INDICATOR FOR THE FOREIGN TOURISM DEMAND IN PORTUGAL" by Luis Delfim Santos and Margarida Macedod Wednesday, 17 June 1998
95 03/01/97: Used in Environmental and Resource Economics" Chernobyl Effects on Domestic and Inbound Tourism in Sweden -- A Time Series Analysis" by L. Hultkrantz and C. Olsson. view Saturday, 01 March 1997
96 12/16/96: Release of Autobox 4.0 Monday, 16 December 1996
97 12/02/96: What to Look For in a Forecasting Package published in the Fall Edition of the Journal of Business Forecasting Monday, 02 December 1996
98 08/23/96: Autobox cited in Gartner Group Study on demand forecasting capabilities On August 23 the Gartner Group released a study on forecasting systems for production planning and control. AFS was cited as one of a handful of companies with the forecasti Friday, 23 August 1996
99 01/01/95: Used in Paper "Climate change and Salmon Production in the Northeast Pacific Ocean" by Hare and Francis. view Sunday, 01 January 1995
100 09/01/94: Used in Candian Department of Defence "An Attrition Forecasting Model: Technical Summary of Data and Methodology" by B. Solomon. Thursday, 01 September 1994

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