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We routinely answer questions on discussion groups on the subject of time series analysis, econometrics, outliers and forecasting topics. From science to sales, the questions are endless and most of them end with Autobox as part of the answer with WHY the methodology is appropriate. Our postings started in the early 1990's. The posts have been made by the founder of Autobox, David Reilly who is a worldwide thought leader in the field.

Here is what we had to say on Google Groups (>970 posts) view It is a shame that these groups have become SPAM. Linkedin is the place to go now.

Here is what we had to say on the "ALLSTAT list" (>13 posts) board view

Here is what we had to say on Newsgroups(ie sci.stat), IIF, SAS and MATLAB (>220 posts). Note that some of these are from the old "newsgroups" in the 1990's that Google purchased but does not post the older posts view

Our discussion group on Autobox hosted by linkedin.com. Click here to join.

A very technical new website called "StackExchange" has some good statistical discussions.  We post under the name "IrishStat" if you want to see our posts.   Tom Reilly's posts.

Recent posts fom the Linkedin.com "IBF" discussion area

Our opinion on the collaborative forecasting process

Our opinion on the underuse of causal modeling

Our opinion on the dumming down of modeling


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