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Execution Issues

If you have any questions with regard to running an Autobox analysis and understanding the output create a zip file with all *.AFS, *.ASC, *.DLL files and send them to us.


Installation Issues

Windows 7

Autobox requires write access to the application directory to write reports to the disk, if you need help doing this you may reference this link or contact your IT department.



1)Note for Vista users when installing Autobox you must save the file to your desktop and then right click the Autobox icon and select 'run as administrator'. When you run Autobox, you need to right click on the icon and choose "run as administrator".



If you are having an installation problem where you get the error "Internal Error 2755. 110"? Just follow these steps below to fix it. This is a common issue based on how your company setup security on your computer not just for installing Autobox(google the error "Internal Error 2755. 110" and you will see the issue is an industry one not an AFS one.)

Right Click Temp folder and select Properties.

Click the Security Tab and then the Advanced Button.

Under the Permissions Tab click the System user and then Edit.

For Apply onto, choose "This folder, subfolders and all files". The default is typically just "This folder."





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