Autobox is simply the easiest way to forecast. Designed with both the novice and expert forecaster in mind you can load your data and forecast like a Pro. No matter what method you currently use to forecast, Autobox will improve your ability to forecast accurately.

Autobox won the prestigious “Best Dedicated Forecasting Program” in the Principles of Forecasting textbook and now a website. AFS’s unique approach doesn’t try to shoehorn the data into a model or a limited number of models, allow Autobox to combine, history and causal's in an optimal way incorporating when needed Level Shifts, Local Time Trends, Pulses and Seasonal Pulses.

Autobox discovers new causal variables by gleaning patterns from historical forecast errors and outliers identified by the Autobox Engine! Many cases result in causal variables you may not have even known existed. i.e. promotions, holidays, day of the week effects and many others.

Check your accuracy using our professional forecasting diagnostics by including Future and Retained values to create rolling forecasts.

Standard Features

  • 4 Types of Outliers
    • Level Shifts
    • Outliers
    • Local Time Trends
    • One-Time and Seasonal Pulses
  • Forecasting Diagnostics
    • Future Values
    • Retained Data
  • Powerful Graphing features

The Challenge

Take advantage of our Data analysis challenge. Send us your data set and we will provide you with a Forecast and live analysis of your data for free!

Call 215.932.0877 to see if we can meet the challenge.

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