Threshold Detection and Large Outlier Reporting

Strategic Capacity Planning Help is Here - Define your "Threshold" when your Enterprise will break so you can plan to avoid that break! .....And...Tell me "Where are my Largest Outliers?"  


It is from our customers that we learn the most, and here again is us responding to their unusual needs.



  • We have added a new feature to Autobox 7.0 that allows a Capacity minded user to define a specified number(ie threshold) and have Autobox tell you at what future date the Forecast's Upper Confidence level will exceed that threshold.  When you are trying to determine when your Capacity will be pierced, you can easily do that now.  


  • We also added a feature to allow the user to specify the number of outliers to be reported to focus only on the LARGEST to research.  Sure, Autobox will identify and adjust for your outliers, but what if you only have time to research, identify and correct for a limited amount? You need a way to sift through the models and equations easily and we have done that for you now.  If you only want to see the top 5, you get the top 5!


To test this out, download a version of Autobox 7.0 and review the new section of the User's Guide section called "Warn me" and try it out! Our customers ask and we deliver!



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