The year in Autobox 2014 and what's next for 2015



If you would like to co-present at a conference your companies experience using Autobox, let us know.  If you have any comments, questions, recommendations about Autobox or forecasting in general, contact us.


I strongly urge you to take a look at the Capabilities ppt on our website as it might have some interesting applications for using Autobox in ways you haven’t considered.


Great things have been happening with Autobox in 2014.   Here is our summary and what you can expect in 2015:



•             Tom Reilly took over as CEO at the beginning of the year.   


•             We launched our Cloud Based version of Autobox called “Cloud Collaborative Forecasting”.  It is web based, parallel processing, collaborative, error tracking and connected to databases.   

•          We launched Autobox DB which connects to databases like SQL Server, Excel and Access.  It is a rewrite of Autobox so it is really the future of Autobox in terms of a technology base.

•               We signed a deal with “Supply Chain Vendor of 2013”, LLamasoft, to integrate Autobox into their software.  We attended their User’s Conference to discuss our software as part of this agreement.


•             We released the option to calculate Price Elasticities automatically as option for Autobox 7.0.  This allows the calculation of price elasticities, but within a robust modeling approach as opposed to the simplistic and presumptive approaches which assume a lot.


•             We released the ability to deliver the model equation as a PMML file which can then be integrated into optimization or other post processing tools.


•             We had a booth at the APICS Analytics Conference in Boston April 2014 and put on a Pre-conference workshop which was well attended.


•             We will have a booth at the Annual APICS Conference in New Orleans Oct 2014.


•             We launched a Facebook page with some pictures going back many many years ago. 


•             Featured article coming out in December in the Government Finance Officers Association’s publication called “Government Finance Review”. 


•             We have made posts on our BLOG


•             We have tried to shed some light on proper time series approaches in the many linkedin discussion groups(including our own!) and stackexchange. See our stackexchange posts here


•             Our Autobox discussion group has grown to over 1,200 members. Participate if you haven’t already!


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