Autobox DB Launched

Hatboro, Pa. (March 7, 2014) - Automatic Forecasting Systems, Inc., a pioneer in forecasting and time series technology, is announcing the launch of their new forecasting software Autobox DB.  Our new 32 bit .NET application that interfaces with Databases. This version of Autobox allows a user to run multiple series at a time.  Just open another Window of it and you can parallel process.  The data is read from Excel, Access, SQL Server and Oracle Databases and forecasts, models(for reuse) and reports are written back to the database.  There are reports showing graphs and a model audit trail to the disk. It is based on many of the same approaches that Autobox was built upon, however it should be noted it has differences in methodology and function.  So, what are the differences? Easier code to maintain.  The models built typically are very comparable to Autobox and there are the differences.  Take a look at them here.

"The ability for Autobox user's to have full integration and reuse of models will excite our customer base and new customers.", says Tom Reilly, Automatic Forecasting Systems CEO.

About Automatic Forecasting Systems, Inc. Launched in 1976 with a unique vision to automate the process of identifying patterns, trends and outliers in time series data. Autobox has been recognized through the years as a top performer and picked "Best Dedicated Forecasting System" in the highly regarded "Principles of Forecasting" Textbook.

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