Tom Reilly on VChain Solutions Advisory Board

Tom Reilly has been appointed as an Advisory Board Member for VChain Solutions.

Vchain is leading the way with its ProActive Product for Supply Chain.  Read more here:


ProActive – The Supply Chain Analytics and Execution Workbench for Planners and Buyers.

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The Problem
  • Too many detail oriented decisions
  • Large volume of data
  • System alert only notify of expectations
The Result
  • Decision making without complete information
  • Large impact to business affecting priorities and decision-making
  • Incorrect decisions result in inventory fluctuations, increased costs, lost revenue, and lower bottom line
The VChain ProActive Solution- Increase Planner Productivity and Make Better Decisions
  • ProActive gives planners & buyers the execution software to take back control of supply chain software
  • Robust scenario building tools & automated execution capabilities
  • Capabilities to make error-free, accurate & timely changes across all supply chain software applications

Unique features of ProActive are:

  1. Scenario Planner
  • Impact of pulling in orders or pushing them out is always critical, financially and for inventory levels
  • Comprehensive look at factors in supply chain, like material levels in the pipeline, existing orders & purchase agreements that will consume materials, product levels, etc will be required. This will consume time & effort
  • Lack of tools available to help impacts decision making and can potentially cost millions

       The VChain Solution

  • ProActive enables companies to run full supply chain scenarios in real time
  • What-if scenarios can be run to change inventory guidelines, demand requirements, receivables etc. which enables examination of the impact of demand & inventory plans resulting in better decision making
  • System will execute the new scenario and automate the systems transactions across all supply chain systems to make it happen, saving time and more importantly increasing the accuracy of the change

  2.  Supply Chain Alert Panel

  • Global supply chain mean large volume of transactions every week
  • End users experience fatigue and errors, leading to errors affecting large orders, and millions of dollars of purchase commitments

       VChain Solution 

  • ProActive works the same way as the dashboard on a car, alerting the user about shortages, excesses, PO maintenance and more
  • The system has user configurable business rules that control alerts which light up in the event of issues in the supply chain
  •  Planners and buyers to define the alert criteria and display the work flow through a revolutionary control panel making sure that alerts that matter get delivered to the right people in the supply chain

Other salient features include:

  1. Data Manger and Sequencer
  2. Demand Planning Manager
  3. Performance Monitoring & Reporting
  4. Real Time Supply Chain Monitor
  5. Root Cause Analyzer

Key Benefits for VChain Proactive planners are:

  • Ability to manage demand and inventory fluctuations across existing supply chain systems
  • Improved supply chain decision making by monitoring supply chain interactions in real time
  • Increased forecasting accuracy by using Box Jenkins forecasting methodology
  • Automated supply chain execution, greatly reducing costly human errors
  • Reduced latency in business processes & information flows from reduced supply chain planning cycle times & data latency
  • Increased inventory turns by as much as 30%, improved supplier performance by as much as 20% and improve response times up to 30%


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