Autobox 7.0 Command Line Batch

Yes, we are still using DOS, but we will call it “Command Line” now. Why keep DOS? It’s faster. When you want to parallel process and run on 8, 16, 32 ,64 processors at a time, you can! The data is read from a flat file and forecasts and reports are written to the disk.

Autobox 7.0 Command Line is a 32/64 bit .NET application. It is faster than the old and dead Autobox 6.0 DOS. 

Try out the new version right here

Make sure you review the User’s Guide!

The DOS version has some other upgrades:

We had a “Eureka” moment where a time trend that was identified can be halted when a level shift is identified. The results are amazing. We are having difficulty finding a bad forecast.
Enhanced Utility to allow the easy use of
Reuse of Models
Using Multiple Processors
Parent to Child or otherwise known as Top/Down modeling where the Top is a CAUSAL in the Bottom’s model.  This is a unique approach! This would also mean using the Daily History and Forecast to use as a causal to forecast 24 hourly regressions.
The “Utility” really is a series of Programs that handle all of the details for you.

Variance change and Parameter Change Exception Reports
Enhanced the Graph Quality along with the smaller PNG graph format

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