Autobox coauthors article in Journal of Pediatric Neurology

The statistical analysis focused on comparing case fatality rate between India and Nepal and if there was a difference between the two rates over time.  Autobox was used to perform time series analysis(ie ARIMA) while identifying outliers and level shifts.  The data sets were cleansed of outliers and subjected to a CHOW test to determine if there was a difference between the two models which was indeed found to support the alternative treatment approach to prove that lives are being saved.

While Autobox has been used in many Journal articles, we are proud that we have actually participated in our first publication, but the purpose behind it means so much more.  It all started almost 2 years ago when a question was posted on the discussion group by Dr. Rao.  He was trying to do the analysis for years of work that began in 1995 with a hypothesis on ways to enhance the treatment of Encephalitis that he is sure this body of work in this article will change the treatment and SAVE lives of millions of people in impoverished nations like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.  The project was funded by WHO and (Bill and Melinda Gates supported) among other organizations.

The title of the article is "Reducing case fatality rate of acute encephalitis syndrome in developing countries".  Dr Rao is a National Expert Committee on Acute Encephalitis Syndrome, National Vector Borne Disease Control Program, Government of India, India.  We are proud to be part of this work and Dr. Rao's dream to help finalize his ambition as he did not have the finiancial resources to acquire paid statistical consulting.  The effort to "get published" is way more work then we ever thought we need to be done! 





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