Autobox for R

Autobox Now Integrates into R!


Why did we deliver an Autobox version for R?

  • Our clients asked for it.
  • R connects with many databases. 
  • It uses TS objects
  • Many have tested the free R forecasting package and wanted Autobox's more sophisticated capabilities and at the same time Autobox's ease of use.  Have you seen the comparison or the hoops people have had to go through to get a good answer with the free packages only to end up with unsatisfactory results?  
  • Can be run in Parallel using your multiple core processors for quicker turnaround.
  • Compatible with PC Autobox native files.
  • We do have some evidence that Autobox is at the top of forecasting. We ran Autobox using the M3 competition for the monthly data and Autobox IMPROVED to 11.48% for the first period out forecast.  That would have put us in 2nd place.  You can verify these results by downloading this package to reproduce everything. We also noticed that all of the original competitors had an increase in error on a quarterly basis suggesting that the original data was correlated.  We have a neat spreadsheet included showing this anomaly which suggests we need to have somebody execute a forecasting competition again to get updated results as to who is the best!

Did you want to test it out, buy?  Send us an email to request it from our 30 day trial page. You need enter your full information to get one. The test version does not include multiple cores, but will when you buy that version.

Go to to learn more about Autobox!

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